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Inspiring Possibility Since 2006

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Confident host and speaker on stage at various live events
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And I'm an edutainer: a cocktail of event host, motivational speaker, facilitator, moderator, coach, TV presenter and comedian. Using my signature blend of humour plus humanity, I uplift any space I'm in and naturally form fast, deep connections with individuals and groups from all walks of life. My work is all about inspiring possibility, and I do this by creating uplifting spaces for us to connect, collaborate, and grow. 


Whether hosting or speaking, my approach is radically human, thanks to decades of failing/succeeding at my own personal creative projects. I embrace my unpolished self and use my lived experiences to lead with compassion, as well as facilitate breakthroughs related to my specialist areas of personal growth, collective expansion, creativity and self-knowledge.


Elsewhere, I extend my creative thinking into transformative spaces of my own. I'm the founder and facilitator of Dream Rehab: a live show and curriculum that harnesses the power of community to help people achieve their personal goals. I co-host the What Is This Behaviour podcast, on which I speak to South Asian trailblazers who are rewriting cultural narratives. And i've been an alternative education mentor for Samsung Not A School, designed to inspire and enable the next generation of innovators.


My unique energy (and untreatable allergy to Powerpoint-style presentations) has been requested at panels, workshops and conferences worldwide hosted by Hustle Fest, Aviva, Barbican, Old Vic, IMG, Pentawards, and Wilderness Festival, among others. I've also shared my insight and optimism with forward-thinking organisations including Samsung, BBC, VICE, Channel 4, Virgin Media, Pearsons and TED.


Awards include:

  • Esquire and GQ, Best Podcasts – What Is This Behaviour Podcast

  • Global Good Awards, Gold for ‘Educational Excellence’ – Samsung Not A School

  • Corporate Engagement Awards, ‘‘Best CSR Programme: Enabling People’ – Samsung Not A School

  • Mobile Industry Awards, ‘Best CSR & Sustainability Initiative’ – Samsung Not A School

I'm available worldwide,

Design conference audience with 'Reimagining the future of the design agency' presentation on screen

I have been a public speaker for 15 years, spoken at hundreds of events, and Reuben has given the best introductions of anyone I've ever presented with. His timing, his understanding of the audience, his delivery - which is not only unique but second to none. I have worked with him multiple times and would not hesitate a moment in recommending him as a public speaker host/MC. He is unparalleled at what he does. Paul C Brunson - Global Leader In Relationship Science | TV Host 

A competent host holds the ability to put large and small groups of people at ease. They're able to quickly configure a personality that manages to transcend cultural specificities, cutting into the core elements of human connection and communication. I've witnessed Reuben hold a room of over 300 people at London's premier poetry and music night, Out-Spoken, at the Southbank Centre. The night's success was largely down to how Reuben drew the audience in with a mannerism that never once felt forced, but rather warm and natural. Anthony Anaxagorou - Director at Outspoken Press

I was lucky enough to work with Reuben for the launch of Design Can in August 2019, a campaign and initiative we launched to demand representation in the design sector. We needed a speaker to carry the evening - someone with everything - sensitivity, charisma, character, confidence and of course the ability to hold a room. Two of my colleagues had seen Reuben present previously at different events and waxed lyrical about his skills. Upon meeting him, it was abundantly clear, there was no other man for the job. Reuben is human and open, professional and prepared, hilarious and clever, curious and antagonistic (in the best possible way). He made everyone laugh, almost cry, ask difficult questions, get involved and be a part of what could have been a panel talk like every other. It’s a seriously special skill and I’m excited to find (and indeed make up) new reasons to work with Reuben in future. Sabine Zetteler - Director at Zetteler

From the first time I met Reuben, I knew he was a special person, host and facilitator. He invests the time to get to know your product, understand the community and when hosting asks perfect questions based on the event and conversation. I find myself being mentored by Reuben on stage. He inspires the audience and does it all in a professional but humorous way. He is a humble person that lifted my entire team and his tendinous hardworking nature makes him very unique! Adam Ryan - Head of Pentawards

I commissioned Reuben to create a workshop on ‘How To Become a Presenter’ and it went down a treat with the young people I was working with at the time. He was able to create a fun, safe and supportive place for the attendees to challenge their fears and gain hands-on experience in public speaking and active listening. Reuben has a gift for teaching people to celebrate their uniqueness. It was a blast! Priscilla Baffour - Global Head of Diversity at Tik Tok

Reuben recently hosted our BAME diversity and inclusion launch event - P.R.I.M.E. The feedback from attendees was fantastic. Reuben facilitated the evening with ease - he used humour to put the audience and panelists at ease and navigated uncomfortable conversations very skill-fully. Thank you Cindy Rampersaud - Senior Vice President at Pearson

Reuben has hosted the final of our long-standing social responsibility programme: Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs, for the last 4 years. He brings positivity and professionalism to the event and is well prepped and researched ahead, ensuring that both finalists and panellists are put at ease. Lareena Hilton - Global Head of Brand & CSR at Deutsche Bank

Check out more suspiciously generous testimonials here.






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